January 11, 2012

What's New In Semester Two!

Hey Readers!

Imagine, a blog post that doesn't have a link to a news article! A first for Keep Right!

I've been regretting not doing this before now as of late, so here's to change!

This past Monday, semester two began at Trent University, as with a lot of other schools in Canada and throughout the world. With second semester, comes the second half of my Canadian Politics course. I know its strange for some to hear about a school that runs full-year courses, but its always been a fixture at Trent.

We had our introductory lecture today at 1300hrs, during which we were introduced to our new instructor and some new aspects about the second part of the course, outlined in an updated syllabus.

You see, in many cases, the courses that do run full-year at Trent are separated in such a way that they may as well be different courses with different course codes and textbook requirements. The latter is the reason I'm in favour of full-year courses (I don't have to spend any extra money on textbooks that for the most part, are barely used).

According to our new instructor, this section of the course will focus on the basic "building blocks" of Canadian political institutions, how they function, why they're in place and what effect on everyday life they have. He did warn that it would be a "drier" experience when it comes to course content!

For myself, I am already very well versed in the basics of Canadian politics as well as many advanced concepts. I've been politically active for a few years and feel that I have an excellent handle on Canada's political system.

What I think I'm going to get out of this section of the course will be the enjoyment and learning experience that I know I'll get from seminar participation. To tell the truth, the seminar I'm in is quite active, featuring many conflicting opinions while maintaining an air of respect and cordiality.

I'll post periodic updates throughout the coming weeks to tell you what we've been studying and my feelings and opinions towards the content. If nothing else, the semester should prove to be interesting!

For those who are looking forward to another one of my news article commentaries, another one will be coming soon, I promise!

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