January 12, 2012

Breaking Monarchical Ties: Liberal Vision for a New Canada

I'll start with a question for you, my readers:

How do you feel about the role of the monarchy in contemporary Canada?

With the recent rebranding of the Canadian military to re-establish its once-prominent royal ties, the question of monarchical relevancy is slowly creeping back onto the Canadian political landscape. Whether or not the Conservatives intended for this to happen, the fact is that the question is being posed, and is worthy of being reported in newspaper articles.

According to Lawrence Martin of The Globe and Mail, the Liberal youth in this country are calling for a revisit to the idea of ridding Canada of its last formal ties with the United Kingdom.

Personally, I'm not a supporter of the monarchy. But, do I agree with the young Liberal position on the matter? Absolutely not.

You see, even though I would welcome a Canada totally independent of any other country, the fact is that this country must look at itself from a new perspective: a perspective of conservation.

In an age of globalization and a diverse, multi-ethnic population, many would make the argument that the monarchy no longer represents the "Canadian image". But, seeing as how ridding Canada of the monarchy would certainly not save the country any money, I don't see the purpose of going through the processes to do exactly what the Liberal youth are proposing.

The monarchy of the twenty-first century in Canada is nothing more than a symbol. A symbol of Canada's past, of the efforts of settlers who tamed the wilderness and built Canada into what it is today.

But enough massaging the text. The truth is that the monarchy is doing no harm to Canada in its current role, and is only filling the role of preserving Canadian history in a living, active and engaged institution.

I say this through the eyes of Canadians in July 2011. When newly married Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the country, thousands of Canadians put a halt to their daily routines and went out of their way to stand in crowds just to get a glimpse of the new royal couple. Their presence on the media scene has unarguably revitalized the institution of the British monarchy as a whole, in the UK and abroad. People see the new couple as young, engaged and active in regards to world issues, something that hasn't been seen since the days of Princess Diana.

So, do I think we should rid the country of the "royal burden"? No, absolutely not!

I know in my heart that Canada is a totally independent nation, one that completely controls every single aspect of its day-to-day activities and decisions. I do not believe this country needs to become known as a republic (or constitutional democracy, if you will) to prove to ourselves something that we all know is already the case.

I am a very proud, engaged and dare I say, opinionated Canadian. I am a Canadian first and would gladly sacrifice myself if I knew that it would in some way save this country from impending doom.

Canada does not need to sever its ties with the British monarchy, with our monarchy.
Canada should not sever its ties with Buckingham Palace, for now and for the foreseeable future.

One day, it may prove beneficial for this country to redefine itself.
But until then, I shall take the position of my party and offer as much respect and admiration for Queen Elizabeth II and her successors as is appropriate...

What are your opinions?
Please offer them by posting a comment!

All my very best,

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  1. I am a STRONG supporter of the Monarchy , and frankly the Lib's can go to hell in a hand basket! Blunt enough for you?


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