April 03, 2011

Liberal Candidate for Nepean-Carleton Wakes Up to Shocking Revelation

(title acts as link to the full Ottawa Sun article, including embedded video)

The Liberal candidate for the Ottawa-area riding of Nepean-Carleton woke up to a shocker on the morning of April 3rd.

More than 100 of his election signs had been spray-painted with messages of hate and in many cases, featured crosshairs over his picture.

I won't go into detail about the story, because I've linked the title to the Ottawa Sun article on the same matter that should serve to better explain the situation. What I will go into detail about is my feelings on the matter.

Whoever executed this effort of widespread vandalism should be ashamed of themselves. Despite the fact that I am a supporter of the Conservative Party and there is no doubt that whoever did this certainly won't be voting Liberal, there is a line that has been crossed in these acts. Purposely going throughout the riding (most definitely at night) and making the effort to deface more than one-hundred signs is not only illegal, it is shameful.

It is my hope that whoever did this will either get caught and be forced to understand the disgusting nature of their actions. Politics certainly is cut-throat in many ways, but NONE of these are meant to be taken LITERALLY. Metaphorically speaking, the message portrayed on the defaced signs is the goal of any political party in opposition to another. But this isn't done by vandalizing. Its done through structured and informed debate!

Acts like these should be viciously discouraged.

They lend a bad image to Canadian politics, and the perpetrators should realize this and apologize by turning themselves in.

Keeping any political battle clean is of absolute necessity.

I could go on, but I'll cut it short and let you, the readers, formulate your own opinions on the matter.

But before I go...

Don't do it.

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