April 28, 2011

The Difference Two Weeks Can Make...

(title serves as a link to The Globe and Mail article entitled "Harper ramps up attacks on NDP, warns against 'smiles and snake oil'")

If you would have asked me a month ago how I thought the current election would pan out, I certainly wouldn't have even bothered mentioning the potential of the NDP. Up until two weeks ago, well, there wasn't any.

But recent polling numbers have put the NDP substantially ahead of even, now hold your breath folks, the LIBERALS. I can't say that I'm unhappy with the wind being pulled from Ignatieff's sails. What can I say? I just don't like the man.

Alas, I digress. The point of this entry is to talk about the reality the pollsters are portraying. And that reality is that the NDP have a real chance to form the official opposition to a Harper majority (or, minority) government. This revelation is quite disturbing to a right-winger like myself. I always thought of Layton's NDP as the party that would continue to form up the rear in Canadian politics, always behind the Liberals. But for a solid number of Canadians to move even farther left than the "weeble-wobble" Liberals (Mackenzie King reference for those who don't know) is a shocker in the rawest form.

I'm eagerly anticipating the results of this election and I most certainly will be staying up until everything is reported Monday night.

It is my hope that non-partisan Canadians don't get clouded by the actions of the once-Liberal supporters jumping their sinking ship and being pulled from the water by Jack Layton's NDP. It is my wish that anyone who is uncertain will look to the party platforms themselves and see which party has the more realistic and implementable plan to move Canada forward from here.

Tell me: is my bias that obvious?

The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party that can realistically get things to where they need to be in Ottawa. I'm dearly grasping to the hope that Canadians come to this realization before its too late and Tuesday morning dawns with results we will all regret.

The Conservatives need a majority.

It is the only way to ensure Canada doesn't move three steps backward before we've even had the chance to move one step forward.

On Monday, May 2nd 2011:



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