April 11, 2011

Ignatieff: A Totally "New" Man

(title acts as a link to the Toronto Sun article entitled "Iggy caught double-talking" posted on April 11th 2011)

Well folks, another milestone has been reached by Michael Ignatieff. Apparently he no longer believes his past fits into his new "Canadian" Liberal persona.

So he is re-writing it.

Surprised? I didn't think so.

Mr. Ignatieff has been quoted saying that he has never voted outside of this great country of ours. Unfortunately his efforts to identify himself with Canadians is seriously backfiring. The Toronto Sun has found quotes from the man himself saying that he planned to vote for John Kerry in the 2004 American presidential election. Because he is a "dedicated American democrat".

Now, one could say that these allegations are only well...allegations. And they'd be right. But more proof was uncovered when looking at his political allegiances while he was living in Britain. The electoral records of the United Kingdom show that Michael Ignatieff voted for the Labour-Democrats in 1997. He even states this as a fact in a 1998 book he co-wrote with a Brit by the name of Sean Neeson.

The controversy here is quite obvious, I'd say. But I'll go ahead and delve into myself:

Mr. Ignatieff,

I would like to advise you that trying to re-write your own history is not only a poor choice, it is also dishonest and quite deceitful. If not to who you represent but to your family and your roots. But above all, LYING to Canadians is simply unacceptable.

Canadians cannot afford to elect any leader that has proven he is perfectly fine with double-talking and outright lying about who he is. The problem with being in the spotlight is that everything you've ever done will be uncovered by those intent on knowing the truth. The ideal outcome of this is that your story and theirs MATCH.

Unfortunately for you, Michael...this is not the case. If you stop lying now, you may just save yourself from be hurriedly ousted from the position of Liberal leader when you are disgraced in the upcoming Federal election.

All the best,


And that is my take on the situation. Not only has the Conservative Party orchestrated a character assassination of Ignatieff, what they miss he himself makes up for plainly lying to those he relies on to vote for him.

The political strategy, or whatever you'd like to call it, employed by the Liberals under Ignatieff already has more holes then a a fresh piece of Swiss cheese, and he certainly isn't helping their cause.

That is not how you win elections in this country.

Proof of that will be seen through the evening of May 2nd, broadcast across the country.

Thanks, Iggy for helping us Conservatives. When this is all over, I'm sure I'll accept a handshake from you...as you get on the plane for Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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