March 29, 2011

No Plan to Invite Green's Elizabeth May to the Upcoming Televised Debate

The broadcast consortium responsible for the upcoming televised leaders debate has decided to exclude Elizabeth May of the Green Party.

During the last Federal election May participated in the debates, inspiring substantial controversy around the topic of who should be invited to the televised event.

In the opinion of the consortium this time around, only the leaders of those parties who have elected representation in Parliament will be invited to participate. Despite the frustrated reaction from May herself, I truly believe that the consortium is completely in the right.

Elizabeth May has herself failed to become an MP and her party has never elected a single representative to the House of Commons. That right there is grounds enough to be excluded from any kind of nationwide debate. Its my opinion that the Green Party should focus on building its grassroots movement instead of attempting to jump into the "big game" dominated by the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois. It seems that in the opinion of Canadians, there isn't any room for the Green Party.

Idealism just doesn't work for Canadians when there are so many more pressing issues that must be addressed. If the Greens expect to have a chance in upcoming elections, they need to broaden their appeal to the average Canadian.

Will they re-evaluate their position and consider changing some aspects of their idealistic platform to appeal more widely to the nation?

Anything in that ballpark has yet to be seen.

What's your opinion?

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