March 28, 2011 Vote Compass

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Well folks, its Election time again!

Over the course of the next five weeks I will be posting as much as I possibly can. The reason its been so long since my last post is simple: schoolwork! This time of the year is what many consider "crunch-time", and I apologize to those who read this! I'll try to not let this happen again!

But, I digress. So with the passing of a motion of non-confidence, the Opposition Parties in the House of Commons have once again brought down the minority Conservative government. Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked for the dissolution of Parliament this past Saturday, March 26 2011. The Election date has been set for Monday, May 2 2011, exactly five weeks to the day from now.

The reason I'm posting this and also the reason why my first post in regards to the upcoming Federal election isn't about the parties or the inherent politics themselves, is because I want to spread the word about the new test the CBC has formulated. The questions in the test itself are quite detailed and they concern issues that are more-or-less common knowledge. That, in my opinion, makes the test valid and its my view that the results are quite valuable.

So, what are you waiting for?
Go to the website and do the test!

Feel free to post the results of your test in the comments section at the end of this entry!

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  1. Ian Merkley: Yeah I took that too and receive similar results. I think the person who created it didn't know that they were talking about though. Apparently you are socially conservative if you are a neocon which does not make sense because neocons and socons deal this two different issues: the former foreign affairs, the latter moral issues.

    Grant Dingwall: Also whoever did the 'political research' for this clearly doesn't follow politics too closely. When you look at each question individually you can see what 'each party's position is' and on some things I paused and said, 'uhhh that's just wrong'. For instance, the Liberals apparently 'strongly disagree' with a Carbon Tax. Could of fooled me.

    I have a big issue with my own results: I'm characterized as closest to the Liberals, just right of the Social Liberalism line and about 1cm above the economic right line. However, on a true political spectrum I consider myself to be far more right wing than even the Conservatives provide - heck I'm a nationalist and I don't believe in democracy at all. All I know is regardless of being most like the Liberals, I sure won't be voting for them. :P


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