August 31, 2011

Tim Hudak Launches ONTARIO PC Election Campaign

Its upon us once again folks! Its provincial election time!

There are 107 seats up for grabs on October 6th, 2011; here's to hoping that 54+ of those seats are won by the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. But, in all honesty I must get down to the business of this blog entry...

Does the Ontario PC Party actually stand a chance of winning the October 6th election here in Ontario? My answer is quite frank: yes. BUT what they have to do is focus on diversifying their message. The Liberals haven't even released their campaign platform as of yet (I believe they have plans to do just after Labour Day), so whatever the PC's have said haven't even been countered by the Liberal strategists yet.

If Tim Hudak continues to stick solely to the "change...because we all don't want Dalton back in power" message for the rest of the campaign, I fear the Liberals might just win another term...yes, I said it.

The message has to be diversified, and here are some reasons why:

1) Change-book, despite being a great platform introduction, does have the limitations of being exactly what it is: a platform. Many people (even, sadly, potential voters) will not take the time to read it and get an idea of what the Progressive Conservatives are trying to accomplish this election.

2) The Liberal Party of Ontario have built themselves a political machine that must not be underestimated. I'm saying this simply as a result of the evidence that is available to everyone. They will not go down without a fight, and to leave the PC message to voters as simple as "Dalton's bad" is not going to cut it.

3) There are many voters in this province that have political opinions closely matched by those of the Ontario PC Party, but do not believe their PC candidate can win in their riding, thus they either vote for another candidate or abstain from voting altogether. As fellow Progressive Conservatives, we have to begin to change this perception. If the past municipal and federal elections should be of any example, its that blue is a colour thats now perfectly acceptable in "the 416."

I could go on and mention a few more vague reasons why the message should be diversified, but I'll stop myself from making this entry too long. My primary reason for writing this was to express my feelings towards the direction Tim Hudak should take our Party in the coming weeks; such that we have an excellent opportunity to form the next government of the Province of Ontario.

The time is now.

We won't get a better opportunity than this.

Queen's Park shall be blue once again.

All my very best,

Dan Collins

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