February 09, 2011

Conservatives Rock-Solid...In a Minority Kind of Way

(title acts as a link to an article published by the Globe and Mail on February 9th 2011)

With all of the federal election speculation floating around lately, this article posted by the Globe and Mail should come as no surprise to anyone following the political scene as of late. What the article is saying is pretty much what any politically-savvy Canadian already knows: that the odds point to the exact same minority government situation coming out of the next federal election, if indeed it happens in the near future.

Canadians, unfortunately, do not seem ready to embrace one particular ideology over another, lately. Many have pointed this out as a positive because it doesn't allow one particular party to run away with their ideas and drastically change the country.

Personally, I disagree with this. The entire foundation of Canadian politics is to allow voters to speak for who they want to run the country and let them run the country, for lack of better words. The political stalemate that has gripped Ottawa since the forming of Harper's first minority government has been, in a word, appalling.

Many people have criticized Harper for not being able to get many things done in the past five years he's held the position of Prime Minister. I don't think there is any doubt as to the cause of this stagnation: being in a minority position just doesn't allow for that kind of behaviour. With the Liberals, NDP and Bloc resorting to their coaliton "trump card" every single time the government tries to accomplish anything, Harper just doesn't have any space to manoeuvre, so to speak.

For a first post on this new blog, I'll keep this one short and end it here. I suppose its just food for thought: why has the federal government been more or less stagnant in the eyes of many Canadians?

Its time to break ourselves out of the cesspool of political stagnation and give the Conservatives the majority they need to prove themselves to this nation.

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